Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Neutralization Is Being Given

  • Janet Porter is trying to raise $500,000 to produce her terrible “Christian sitcom.”
  • Jackson Lahmeyer reveals that he secured the endorsement of Michael Flynn after he appeared on “Steel Truth,” a program hosted by QAnon conspiracy theorist Ann Vandersteel.
  • Dave Daubenmire asks how much longer conservative Christians will refrain from violence: “Christians have a decision to make. Will we push back against the FORCE of Government? VIOLENCE is the natural reaction to FORCE. How far will we let them push us? How will we respond? While we sit around and let them accuse us of violence, they force us to comply without lifting a finger. Is the Kingdom of God worth fighting for or will we continue to permit their coercive violation?”
  • Shane Vaughn claims that he recently had a conversation with a “liberal Democrat” who allegedly revealed that liberals do not like Vice President Kamala Harris and have an “underground plan” to rally around Republican Rep. Liz Cheney for president.
  • Larry Gaiters says that actor Chadwick Boseman did not die of colon cancer, but was actually assassinated with poison because he supported former President Donald Trump.
  • Rodney Howard-Browne is incredulous that anyone thinks “an unvaccinated person who has a healthy immune system is going to be spreading any virus.”
  • Finally, Robin Bullock declares that if any Christian who received a COVID-19 vaccine will repent, God will “neutralize its effects inside your blood stream.”