Right Wing Bonus Tracks: It’s Not Time For Bullets … Yet

  • Josh Bernstein claims that Larry Elder won the California recall election (he didn’t) and is calling on conservatives to launch a canvassing operation to uncover supposed election fraud.
  • Dave Daubenmire reports that over $300,000 has been raised for his new “The Christian Revolution” effort.
  • David Lane fumes that Dr. Anthony Fauci “has mastered all facets of lying: omission, commission, denial, fabrication, minimization and exaggeration.”
  • Jarrin Jackson says President Joe Biden is waging a war on behalf of Satan but urges Christians not to resort to violence because “putting bullets in people’s heads is not going to solve this. We are not there … yet.”
  • Finally, Janet Porter brags that the “heartbeat bills” that ban abortion at six weeks do so only because that is the limit of current technology. “As technology improves,” she says, “we’re going to go closer and closer to that line of conception.”