Dave Janda Claims Jamal Khashoggi ‘Was on the Payroll of Soros’

Right-wing radio host Dave Janda posted a video on YouTube yesterday in which he asserted that murdered Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was really working for George Soros and now the “deep state” is trying to use his death to crash the global economy.

“What my sources tell me is the reason why he was in Turkey is because he was doing some deals with the deep state,” Janda said. “You see, Khashoggi was very tied in with the Muslim Brotherhood—a tentacle of the deep state—but he was also tied with who? I know, George Soros. In fact, my sources tell me that Khashoggi was on the payroll of Soros to do several things: one, to write disparaging articles and comments and propaganda against the current Saudi regime that has not been playing so nice with the deep state.”

Janda claimed that the deep state is now trying to whip up outrage over Khashoggi’s death in order to force President Trump to impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia, which will cause the Saudis to retaliate by cutting off the oil supply, which will in turn crash the global economy, for which Trump will be blamed.

“It boils down to Khashoggi died,” Janda said. “The goal of the deep state was to take that event and blow it up to such a fever pitch that Trump would be pushed into doing something, such as the sanctions, which would lead to lead to the implosion of the world economy, which is exactly what the globalists want.”