Dave Janda Never Ran for Office Because His Integrity Would Have Gotten Him Killed

During his recent appearance on Sarah Westall’s “Business Game Changers” program, right-wing radio host Dave Janda said that he never ran for political office because he is so honest, incorruptible, and authentic that he would have been murdered by the deep state.

As Janda told it, he had been called to testify before Congress in 1989, where he did such an amazing job that he was summoned to meet with Lee Atwater, who was then the chairman of the Republican National Committee. Upon arriving at RNC headquarters, Janda was ushered in to Atwater’s office, where Atwater warned him never to seek public office because the same brilliance and integrity that would guarantee his victory would inevitably result in him being killed by the “deep state.”

“You’re going to be approached to run for the House of Representatives or the Senate, governor, hell, for all I know, somewhere down the line, president,” Janda claims Atwater told him. “Frankly, you’ll win, because you connect with people. You connect with people and it’s obvious that you’re not bought and paid for and it’s obvious that you’re honest and it’s obvious that you’re looking out for the welfare of people and not the corporations.”

“People can smell that,” Atwater reportedly said, “and you got it.”

“You are an albino in a sea of black,” Janda said he was told by Atwater. “This city is evil and, he said, ‘Understand something: if you run for office, you will win and they will kill you.’ And he said, ‘I don’t mean that figuratively, I mean that literally.'”