Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Messing With God

  • Josh Bernstein has now begun to refer to Christine Blasey Ford as “Christine Perjure Fraud.”
  • MassResistance’s Amy Contrada is outraged that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recognized LGBTI Pride Month: “Do the pro-LGBT views of the State Department represent most Americans? No. Pompeo’s incendiary vocabulary (homophobia, transphobia, biphobia) smears a majority of American citizens as irrational, deplorable bigots.”
  • Mission America’s Linda Harvey has some advice for LGTBQ-friendly churches and Christians: “This is Almighty God you are messing with. Noting that these folks are bumbling idiots would be an insult to bumbling idiots. You are not heroes. You are frauds. Get over yourselves and repent.”
  • Alex Jones is now suing PayPal, after the service banned him last month.
  • Finally, Charisma’s Steve Strang is soliciting questions to ask President Trump during an interview that he hopes to schedule soon.