Alex Jones Asks God To Destroy Alec Baldwin

InfoWars host Alex Jones, who apparently doesn’t understand that Saturday Night Live is a comedy program, accused actor Alec Baldwin yesterday of lying about his views while impersonating Donald Trump.

During a skit on Saturday, Baldwin portrayed how Trump would hypothetically handle a war against “aliens from the planet Zorblatt 9,” during which Baldwin’s Trump delivered a line about how Jones told him that shapeshifting aliens have been living on Earth for years before proceeding to point to two black members of the cast as the aliens. While it was clear that Baldwin was making a joke about Trump’s reliance on Jones, a notorious conspiracy theorist, for his information, Jones attacked Baldwin for falsely claiming that he believes aliens walk among us.

Jones said that he wanted to challenge the “asshole” Baldwin to a fight, while shouting: “I hate you! My listeners hate you, and remember that scumbag forever! We are going to defeat this anti-human scum! We’re going to wreck their world!”

Jones then went on to attack actor Jake Weber, who plays an Alex Jones-like character in the series “Homeland,” claiming that Weber is making him look bad by “dehumaniz[ing]” him and portraying him as a “sex predator.”

He prayed that God will “defeat” them:

I don’t sit there and say stuff about you that isn’t true. I don’t say Alec Baldwin’s a child molester. I don’t say Jake Weber’s a child molester. I don’t say you’re working with Muslim terrorists. It’s not funny! But I know it’s how much you hate the American people, that’s who you really hate. You hate the liberty movement and you hate that we’re kicking your ass politically. And just like we’re kicking your ass politically, we’re just going sit back and let you try to start your race war, we’re just going to take it. And I am going to put my energy and all of my aggressive warlike energy into politically annihilating you.

I pray to God, on the altar of Jesus Christ, and the Father and the Holy Spirit to give me the strength and just to continue to have the hedge of protection of Providence. I know I don’t deserve this Providence but God knows I mean what I’m doing, so God, please, please, please, please open everybody’s eyes and raise up other leaders to defeat these people. I just want to see this scum defeated. They hate us so much. They are sickening filth. God they are the most dishonorable monsters the world has ever seen.

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