Sean Feucht ‘Burns’ to Overturn Roe, Opposes ‘Mandating’ Vaccines, Says His Song Prophesied Trump-Kim Summit

Sean Feucht (Image from campaign video for his unsuccessful 2020 run for Congress.)

Sean Feucht, a musician and worship leader affiliated with the controversial Bethel megachurch ministry is running for Congress in California’s 3rd Congressional District, but he often talks about state-level issues over which a member of Congress would have little or no influence. On Sunday, Feucht posted a video from inside the California state capitol building in which he complained about a range of California issues he said are driving people out of the state and motivating his campaign: high state taxes, government regulation and “overreach,” parental rights, “mandating of vaccinations,” and “mandated sex education.”

California, Feucht said, is “not an easy place to be a believer.” But he said the state is rich in revival history and “we do feel God’s calling.” Feucht has said he’s running to bring revival and reformation to California and the U.S.

One national issue Feucht talked about is his opposition to legal abortion, which he described as “the hill that I would die on.”

“I burn to see abortion and Roe v. Wade overturned,” he told viewers. Feucht charged that Democrats in Congress support “infanticide,” echoing a public relations and legislative strategy being pushed by anti-choice groups seemingly to shift public attention from their unpopular efforts to criminalize abortion.

On Sunday, the Christian Post published an interview with Feucht that describes him as “the fulfillment of many of his own prayers”:

“I’m doing this because I’ve been praying for so many years that God would bring revival and that he would bring an awakening to America, that government officials would be elected that would be righteous,” he said, noting that he never thought he would potentially become the fulfillment of many of his own prayers. …

“I know it’s a crazy thing, I know it’s a shock to many people,” he said of his candidacy. “It’s a shock to me. Every morning I wake up and realize I have to fund-raise and I have to mobilize. I didn’t ever dream of this. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t ever want to do this. I just feel it’s the call of God.

Feucht told the Christian Post that, win or lose, he hopes his decision inspires more millennials to run for office.

This summer, before he announced his run for office, Feucht said that the U.S.-North Korea summit that took place earlier this year on the Korean border was a moment of “prophecy fulfilled.” Feucht “penned lyrics for his song ‘Finish What You Started (Song for North Korea)’” Fox News reported on July 1, in “the exact same spot on the Korean Demilitarized Zone where Trump and Kim embraced before their 50 minute meeting.” The day before, Feucht had posted on his Instagram account a photo of his blue guitar case sitting on the ground at the DMZ border. “Oftentimes we have no idea how God can use our simple songs and prayers to change history,” he wrote in the caption.