Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Legalized Man-Stealing

  • Far-right pastor and anti-vax conspiracy theorist Joshua Feuerstein has announced that he is running for a seat in the Texas state House.
  • Tim Barton declares that Jesus cares deeply about economic issues because “there are more parables [in the Bible] that deal with money, that deal with economics than any other topic.” Tim Barton obviously shares his father’s ignorance about how biblical parables work.
  • Kandiss Taylor claims that people mock her “because I represent what they have searched for their whole lives.”
  • Nick Fuentes announced that AFPAC IV will not be happening this year.
  • Finally, Christian nationalist former Trump administration official William Wolfe asserts that surrogacy is “fundamentally immoral, unethical, and sinful” because it is a “legalized form of ‘man-stealing,’ which God explicitly condemns in the Bible.”
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