Right Wing Bonus Tracks: No Secular Institutions

  • Unlike many on the right, raging misogynist Jon Miller isn’t concerned about the issue of transgender athletes because “men beating the shit out of women in sports is actually so kek.” (“Kek” is internet slang used by the far-right roughly to mean “cool.”)
  • Kathy Barnette, who recently ran unsuccessfully for the Republican Senate nomination in Pennsylvania, has aligned herself with GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and begun appearing as a campaign surrogate on right-wing programs.
  • Christian nationalist pseudo-historians David and Tim Barton “gave a private tour of the United States Capitol” to a group of right-wing pastors Wednesday night. Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Michael Cloud also spoke to the group.
  • Speaking of David Barton, he continues to claim that “in 1816, in New Jersey public schools, every public school kid by the 2nd grade had memorized the Gospel of John,” even though that is a demonstrable and blatant lie.
  • Finally, Barton’s son Tim is every bit the Christian nationalist his father is, declaring recently that there should be no secular institutions in the United States: “God never intended for education to be secular, for government to be secular, for business to be secular.”