Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Lavish Abundance

  • Eric Metaxas says that any Christian who claims to be apolitical is really “pro-communist.”
  • Scott Lively fumes over the “normalization of transgender insanity” and declares that “there is no more important target to defeat in that process than the walking political disaster formerly known as Bruce Jenner.”
  • Dave Hayes recounts a dream he had in 2016 where God allegedly showed him a world “where there was no poverty, there was no sickness, there was no homelessness” for those who voted for Donald Trump: “Everywhere I went, there was lavish abundance.”
  • David Lane laments that “America, officially and practically, now no longer wants or needs God.”
  • Finally, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to rant about Dr. Anthony Fauci: “People need to stop listening to his crazy, insane advice.”