Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Lance Wallnau Is Keeping Us In His Prayers

  • Michael Snyder vows that if he is elected to Congress, he will “do whatever I can to help get the Clintons locked up.”
  • Peter LaBarbera declares that he will “never stop calling for the overturning of the Supreme Court’s outrageous 2015 Obergefell ruling imposing homosexuality-based ‘marriage’ on the nation, even though it seems most Republicans and conservatives have given up on that goal.”
  • David Lane asserts that “CNN has forfeited its right to broadcast.”
  • Liz Crokin, who is constantly asserting that famous and powerful people are engaged in satanic pedophilia, now says that she is “going to look into my legal options with all these publications that have slandered me, misquoted me and flat out lied about me.”
  • Finally, it is nice that Lance Wallnau is praying for us.