Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Kill Whitey

  • Greg Locke held a literal book burning Wednesday night.
  • Andrew Torba brags that 75 candidates are using Gab—the social media platform he created that is a favorite of antisemites and white nationalists—to promote and advertise their campaigns in the 2022 elections.
  • Rep. Andy Biggs says that Republicans must start building the case for the impeachment of President Joe Biden in anticipation of gaining control of Congress after the midterm elections.
  • We challenge anyone to explain what QAnon conspiracy theorist Scott McKay (aka “Patriot Streetfighter”) is saying in this clip: “The ethereal realm delivers information in an energetic form, and if your frequency is tuned for truth, it’s going to be an acquiescent experience for you.”
  • Nick Fuentes proclaims that he is an “asexual incel,” which is a contradiction in terms.
  • Peter LaBarbera’s Americans For Truth About Homosexuality has been suspended by the email distribution company Mailchimp for violating the company’s policies on spreading “hateful content.”
  • Mark Burns declares that former President Donald Trump “is, without question, the blackest president that we have ever had in this nation.”
  • Finally, Patrick Howley says liberals and the mainstream media are “supporting white genocide” by bringing in refugees from “shithole countries” and teaching them to hate white people: “Every single thing Jake Tapper says, he might as well just say, ‘Go kill whitey.'”