Nonsense: The Unifying Theme Behind Greg Locke’s Conspiracy Theories

Greg Locke is a radical right-wing pastor who regularly uses the services at his Global Vision Bible Church outside of Nashville, Tennessee, to rant about politics and spread wild conspiracies. One of Locke’s favorite methods of dismissing anything that contradicts his narrow worldview is to dismiss it as “nonsense.”

For instance, Locke insists that the idea that Joe Biden is the president is “nonsense.”

Locke also believes that dangers posed by the COVID-19 virus are “nonsense.”

According to Locke, participating in social distancing and mask wearing in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is likewise “nonsense.”

One of the unifying themes of Locke’s rants is essentially that anything he doesn’t like is “nonsense,” but the reality seems to be that the things he dismisses as “nonsense” are really just things that he doesn’t understand.

On Monday night, Locke preached at New Life Independent Baptist Church in Hurdle Mills, North Carolina, where he dismissed math, of all things, as “nonsense” after admitting that he simply is not very good at it.

“I’m dumber than a box of rocks in a lot of areas,” Locke said. “I graduated from high school almost two years late with an eighth-grade bonehead math degree. I failed pre-algebra two years in a row. I’ve never had business math, consumer math, I never even made it past pre-algebra, I never had real algebra. I hate math. I get nervous when the Holy Spirit wants me to preach out of the Book of Numbers. I hate math. It’s nonsense.”

Math, of course, is not “nonsense,” nor are the outcome of the election, the dangers of COVID-19, or the usefulness of mask wearing and vaccines in preventing its spread. They are only “nonsense” to Locke because, like math, he doesn’t understand them.

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