Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Jim Bakker Finally Got the Message

  • After being warned by various agencies and sued by the Missouri Attorney General’soffice for claiming that the silver solution sold by his network could protect users from the coronavirus, Jim Bakker appears to have removed all mention of the product from his website.
  • Alex Jones says that the coronavirus is a “big-pharma, deep state, Chicom [Chinese-communist] hoax.”
  • Frank Gaffney issues a warning: “Our preoccupation with the Wuhan Flu may obscure another danger, namely that the agreement regarding Afghanistan’s future will unleash a renewed outbreak of another virulent pandemic: Sharia-supremacism.”
  • Tom Horn has some thoughts regarding the Antichrist and a possible coronavirus vaccine.
  • Jonathan Shuttlesworth has no time for “loser” pastors who are canceling services because of the coronavirus, saying that they should instead be holding mass gatherings to demonstrate the power of their faith.
  • Finally, Robert Henderson says the coronavirus is a demonic plan to disrupt the economy in order to prevent President Donald Trump’s reelection: “This is what the devil understands he must do to seek to deny President Trump the re-election. In that I was handed the financial section of the paper after President Trump was finished looking into it, I know that we are being assigned to pray and stand with President Trump to secure and stabilize the economy of our nation. Without this, the stage could be set for an upset in the elections this year.”