Right Wing Bonus Tracks: It’s Not Antifa

  • Kat Kerr claims that God woke her up Wednesday afternoon when he entered her bedroom angry and screaming that nothing can stop his plan to keep President Donald Trump in the White House.
  • Mark Taylor continues to insist that God will perform a miracle to keep Trump in office.
  • Charisma, on the other hand, has begun to run pieces apologizing for the false prophesies that Trump would win reelection.
  • Bevelyn Beatty was on the ground when MAGA activists stormed the Capitol and wants people to stop blaming anti-fascist activists because the insurrection was carried out by “patriots” who are ready for civil war.
  • Mary Colbert is baselessly claiming that the woman who was shot and killed while storming the Capitol was “killed not by capital police but by Vice President Biden’s security detail.”
  • Finally, Dave Hayes (aka The Praying Medic) has a warning: “If you think millions of Americans (many of whom are former military) will passively allow their nation to be destroyed, you’re delusional. If the military does not intervene and if Biden is inaugurated on the 20th, we could be headed for a second revolution.”