Right Wing Bonus Tracks: It Never Fails

  • James Dobson declares that Christians must “come out of their hiding places to let their voices be heard on Election Day 2020. There must be tens of thousands of ministers in our midst who, like the Black Robe Regiment of the Revolutionary War, will strip off their clerical garb and fight valiantly for religious liberty. If these men and women of faith and conviction don’t come to the rescue of their country, it is doomed.”
  • Josh Bernstein warns that, if elected, Joe Biden will install “an antifa-themed, Marxist, Black Lives Matter, Afrocentric, Marxist dictatorship in the United States.”
  • Frank Pavone says that “the Democrat Party has made a covenant with evil.”
  • Just a reminder that Jesse Lee Peterson is a virulent misogynist.
  • Finally, Liz Crokin insists that “those who scream the loudest against Trump” are inevitably tied to satanic pedophilia.