Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Indict. Try. FRY!

  • Dave Kubal warns that “the COVID pandemic is the perfect scenario for mass hypnosis, for people across the globe to come under the spell of a grand illusion.”
  • It is obvious that David Barton is never going to stop telling the lie that John Adams credited a group of preachers for laying the groundwork for American independence.
  • Rachel Hamm declares that Black Lives Matter “is really evil at its core” and “a completely evil, corrupt organization that has harmed our country.” Oh, and “two of the main leaders are witches.”
  • Stew Peters has a simple slogan for what he would like to see done to Dr. Anthony Fauci: “Indict. Try. FRY!”
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes bravely proclaims that “Joe Rogan’s groveling apology over his use of ‘the n-word’ is exactly why I have made it a point on some occasions to say it publicly and let it be known that I can say whatever I want.”