Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Homosexual Privilege

  • Bryan Fischer declares that “the real problem today, in our culture and in our politics, is not, in fact, white privilege but homosexual privilege.”
  • Abraham Hamilton III of the American Family Association is outraged that Chips Ahoy featured a drag queen in a Mother’s Day tweet: “Their objective is an androgynous one; to reduce mankind into one big blob of non-distinct, indecipherable humanity to where the biological distinctions as ordained by God are completely irrelevant.”
  • Stephen Broden and Randy Short of the Gone Too Far Movement warn black Americans that “the so-called Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is preparing to back-stab them by voting to enact the Gay Equality Act … wherein pedophiles, sodomites of all stripes, and persons of debased fetish needs are accorded protected class status akin to Blacks and women.”
  • Josh Bernstein really wanted to threaten Rep. Rashida Tlaib but decided not to because he doesn’t “need a visit from the Secret Service.”
  • Even Pat Robertson thinks that Alabama’s latest anti-abortion law is too extreme.
  • Finally, anti-choice activist Natalie Brumfield declares that the upcoming birth of her daughter “is a sign and a wonder to our nation that Jesus is bringing forth a mighty generation, a Jesus generation, that literally stands for life and revival! This generation is being birthed right now and is making history. The very timing of their births and the meanings of their names are prophesying the ending of Roe v. Wade in America forever.”