Jim Bakker: Pat Robertson Has The Power To Pray Hurricanes Away

On Monday, televangelist Jim Bakker spoke with Jennifer LeClaire of Charisma News about angels and angelic intervention in human affairs, in particular the need to combat demonic principalities.

Bakker said that he and other public religious figure, like Pat Robertson, are the brunt of spiritual attacks. The two televangelists worked together on “The 700 Club,” which Bakker once hosted on Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network and which is now hosted by Robertson. Bakker expressed dismay that some people make fun of Robertson simply for the fact that he has the power to pray hurricanes away.

“Pat sees things,” he said. “He sees in the spirit and he prophesies and they don’t like it. He’s told hurricanes to go back out to sea and they turn around and go out. The press makes fun. That’s what they do to try to destroy.”

Bakker is likely referring to Robertson’s claims that he prayed Hurricane Felix and Hurricane Gloria away from his television network’s Virginia Beach headquarters.