Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Hitler’s Number One Henchman

  • While appearing on Bill Deagle’s radio program yesterday, Josh Bernstein said that “if Hitler was around, [George Soros] would be his number one or number two henchman for sure.”
  • Mychal Massie is calling on the federal government to take Soros down: “It’s time the federal government thoroughly investigates every penny, every one of his foundations, everyone involved in the management of his foundations and every group that either directly or indirectly receive funding from him … We are a country of laws, and it’s past time to investigate and punish the person behind this intended seditious subversion of our culture. ‘Someone’s got to go to jail’ for this, and that someone is George Soros.”
  • Radical anti-Islam activist John Guandolo has been suspended from Twitter.
  • Warning that “the Jewish left” is working to destroy President Trump, Larry Klayman is forming a “Coalition of the Jewish Right.”
  • Finally, Steve Strang warns that Democrats are paving the way for the Antichrist: “The battle for this nation isn’t Republican versus Democrat or black versus white; it’s a spiritual battle. Now is the time for Spirit-filled believers to rise up, intercede and vote.”