Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Hijacked the Holocaust

  • David Lane declares that “by staying home, evangelical and pro-life Catholic Christians give secularists the unmissable chance to elect their representatives, pass their legislation and codify into law their godless values. It can’t be emphasized enough that elections have consequences.”
  • Jarrin Jackson says that his bid for office “is not to advance my views but that the Bible is the word of God & the gospel is what saves. If politics moves towards the tacit recognition that the Bible is God’s word & the gospel saves, then that is mission accomplished. In the meantime, I will speak in a way to move the Overton Window.”
  • Dalton Clodfelter continues to use his nightly program to explicitly promote white nationalism: “Anytime a heavy influx of refugees comes into a country, it is terrorism done by the government against white people.”
  • Scott Lively claims to have “uncovered a conspiracy among the LGBTs to basically steal the Jewish Holocaust for themselves for political leverage.”
  • Finally, Hank Kunneman asserts that it is “dishonorable” for people not to address him as “pastor” before declaring that he refuses to address Joe Biden as president “because he ain’t the president”: “He is treasonous. It’s illegal. He’s doing evil.”