Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Hell Yeah We Want Fascism

  • While the entire right-wing movement fumes about progressive adults supposedly using their positions of authority to “indoctrinate” children, Christian pollster George Barna continues to advocate for Christians to do precisely that.
  • Ethan Ralph reports that Nick Fuentes is scheduled to appear on Tim Pool’s podcast next week.
  • Rev. Merrie Turner, president of Presidential Inaugural Prayer, Inc., seems to have some inside information about the death of former President Donald Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana: “Did He not see who caused the bruises on her wrists and forearms divulged to me by a trauma surgeon who claims this is evidence of foul play?”
  • Far-right activist Ella Maulding says that TikTok is “the easiest & fastest way to pull normies further right,” therefore “everyone needs to be on it”: “Push the Overton window, win the war. People are waking up, Stay whitepilled.”
  • Finally, America First activists Dalton Clodfelter and Tyler Russell mock the “MAGA boomers” who refuse to believe that they genuinely want Trump to declare himself king and impose fascism on the nation: “Hell yeah, dude … We do want that.”