Right Wing Bonus Tracks: God’s Army Must Red Pill The World

  • Liz Crokin says that “God will reward you” if you join her efforts to expose “Pedogate”: “We’re all soldiers of God, if we can all just red pill one person, we’ve served a purpose here on earth that’s much greater than ourselves.”
  • Jerry Boykin told John Stossel that he does not hate gay people, so apparently that is more than enough evidence for Stossel to conclude that the Family Research Council is not a hate group.
  • We are not quite sure what evidence Gordon Klingenschmitt has to prove his assertion that Mark Lambert is “Hillary’s buddy,” especially since his indictment has nothing to do with Uranium One.
  • On the “WallBuilders Live” radio program today, Tim Barton said that “if you are a Muslim who believes in Islam, then you are an extremist.”
  • Finally, Mat Staver attacked Right Wing Watch again today, accusing us of feeding outlandish and intentionally misleading propaganda to unstable and unhinged individuals who then “take violent action against people who are law abiding, loving people.”