Mat Staver Says Jay-Z Has ‘Been A Satanic Follower For Some Time’

Over the course of the last year, Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver has repeatedly attacked us here at Right Wing Watch for supposedly being one of “the biggest purveyors of fake news in the country,” simply because we post about the outrageous things he says and provide audio or video of him saying them. So given Staver’s attacks on us, it was rather amusing to listen to him spread laughably fake news on his daily “Faith and Freedom” radio program.

On today’s program, while Staver and co-host Matt Barber were discussing a supposed rise in satanic worship in America, Staver cited a fake news story to claim that rapper Jay-Z is an open and avowed satanist.

Claiming that Jay-Z has “been a satanic follower for some time,” Staver asserted that “he belongs to the Church of Satan, he is a follower of Anton LaVey—Anton LaVey was a person who was a satanist—and for a while he kind of went a little quite.”

“But not long ago,” Staver continued, “he spoke to a group of people where he was having his event and came out and blasted Jesus Christ, saying that Jesus is fake news and he said that Lucifer is the way of truth and life. This is Jay-Z claiming that Jesus never walked on this earth. He went on to this rant talking about how if you follow Satan, that is where the real power is. He says there is real spirituality and guidance in the Church of Satan that you don’t get in Christianity. You know, these are individuals who are having an influence on our young people.”

Staver’s claims about Jay-Z originated on a fake news website called Neon Nettle and are, of course, totally false.

But we are the ones he regularly attacks for supposedly spreading fake news.