Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Forced Into Homosexuality

  • John Zmirak claims that “Christine Blasey Ford lied about Brett Kavanaugh trying to rape her, in order to keep it legal to kill unborn children for sexual convenience. To make life more convenient for all the genuine date rapists, hook-up artists, human traffickers, pimps, and other pleasure-seeking Americans out there.”
  • Sheila Holm says that the Men In Black are real.
  • Maria Martinez warns that the “Equality Act will force people into homosexuality, then destroy free speech.”
  • Kat Kerr explains that God allowed Hurricane Dorian to devastate the Bahamas in order to destroy the underground tunnels on the island that are used for human trafficking.
  • Finally, it should not surprise anybody to learn that Chris McDonald is an anti-vaxxer: “That same vaccination that we think is keeping disease out of our kids, for all you know, it’s putting the disease in your child.”