Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Exactly What He Deserved

  • Lance Wallnau, who proudly declares himself to be a Christian nationalist, claims that “the left will use the term ‘Christian Nationalism’ to scare already intimidated Preachers.”
  • David Brody is a big fan of anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist Stella Immanuel.
  • Shekinah Hollingsworth received only a few hundred votes and finished dead last in her bid for a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates, so naturally she’s alleging election fraud.
  • Teddy Daniels, a MAGA candidate who ran for lieutenant governor in Pennsylvania, fumes over the “sissification of America” in which kids don’t even have fistfights at recess anymore: “Maybe we need to bring dueling back. Maybe we need to let the alpha male rise to the top again.”
  • Alex Stein attempted to whitewash Nick Fuentes’ fascism by asking him what sort of “left-leaning views” he holds that prove he’s not alt-right. It didn’t work: “I don’t think I really have any. … I think government needs to be as right-wing as possible.”
  • Finally, Vincent James says that Emmett Till “frankly got exactly what he deserved.”