Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Endangering the Souls of the Woke

  • Intercessors for America is launching 50 days of prayer leading up to the Dec. 1 Supreme Court hearing of a case involving a restrictive anti-choice law in Mississippi.
  • Trump-loving MAGA pastor Mark Burns is running for Congress in South Carolina, and to say that he’s a fanatical Christian nationalist would be something of an understatement.
  • Kent Christmas went on an anti-vaccine and anti-mask rant during his Sunday sermon, declaring that his church is “not the friend of this present administration that is trying to kill our nation and our country.”
  • Mario Murillo warns that if pastors won’t start talking about politics from the pulpits, they are “endangering the souls [of] believers who consider themselves woke.”
  • Whenever Rick Wiles tries to defend himself from charges of antisemitism, he insists that he merely opposes “Zionism.” Last week, he dedicated 20 minutes on his “TruNews” program to highlighting Jews who are serving in the Biden administration and specifically attacking them for being Jewish.
  • David Barton claims there was slavery in the United States only because “the Southern states were very Christian-professing, but they didn’t know much about the Bible, and they didn’t read it much.”
  • Finally, Jim Bakker says we are living in the End Times and soon “you’ll find them shooting the prophets”: “God spoke to me years ago that at some point in the end, we would die in the pulpits.”