Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Democide

  • MAGA pastor and GOP congressional candidate Mark Burns is very upset that public schools are not singing “Jingle Bells,” calling it a “direct attack” on Christianity.
  • Sherri Tenpenny claims that the government is using COVID-19 vaccines to carry out “democide,” which she says is the murder of an entire nation.
  • Nick Fuentes believes “it’s almost a good thing [he is] a little bit sociopathic in a way” because it means he doesn’t feel guilt. He’s just like The Joker, he says, in that he can’t get along with people or form friendships: “I couldn’t be like I am if I wasn’t damaged.”
  • Stella Immanuel asserts that if you are properly “connected to God,” he will protect you from being killed by a drunk driver.
  • Finally, Patrick Howley says that everywhere he goes, vaccinated “normies” who don’t even know who he is instinctively hate him because they know he’s a “pureblood.”