Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Quantum Entanglement

  • Lance Wallnau hypes the importance of waging spiritual warfare to exorcise the “communist demon” from “the chapel of Washington” in November’s midterm elections.
  • Nick Fuentes brags that “America First has allies in Congress, will be hosting a 1,000 person conference this February, has built its own censorship-proof streaming platform, controls conservative chapters on over 20 campuses and will be deploying hundreds of volunteers to five states this year for the midterms. 2022 is our year. We run this.”
  • Greg Locke responds to criticism over his comment that children with autism are actually possessed by demons by declaring that his critics are possessed by demons.
  • While interviewing two QAnon conspiracy theorists who go by the names “In the Matrixxx” and “Shady Grooove,” QAnon conspiracy theorist Ann Vandersteel complains that her reputation is being “tarnished” and “discredited” by being “branded a QAnon conspiracy theorist.” Gee, we wonder how that happened?
  • Finally, Sherri Tenpenny, one of the right’s leading anti-vaccine “experts,” claims that COVID-19 vaccines are creating “quantum entanglement” between those who take them and “the Google credit scores and the dematrix and all of those things.”