Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Death of a Nation

  • David Kupelian claims that science has found that “those on the political left are significantly more likely to have been diagnosed with mental illness than those on the right.”
  • Bill Mitchell knows that “liberals are basically completely f’d up people,” but he is still “taken aback by the sheer HATE which seeps from every pore of their souls every waking moment. The unquenchable seething anger. It’s truly disturbing.”
  • Josh Bernstein advises conservative parents with kids who support Democratic candidates to instruct their children not to vote.
  • Scott Lively is a Seth Rich conspiracy theorist: “I believe Bernie-backing Democrat operative Seth Rich was murdered because he betrayed Obama and the Clintons.”
  • Bert Farias declares that “those who practice [homosexuality] are ‘deserving of death'” and fumes that “when millions of Americans applaud Pete Buttigieg and his ‘husband,’ it is the death rattle of a nation.”
  • Finally, Abraham Hamilton confidently proclaims that “black people ain’t voting for Pete Buttigieg because he’s a homosexual.”