Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Least Racist Nation

  • Rick Wiles predicts that President Trump will visit Israel just before his term ends and never return to America in order to avoid being prosecuted after he leaves office.
  • Chris McDonald marvels at how Trump has grown as a Christian and also “evolved into one of the greatest statesmen” this country has ever had.
  • John Zmirak warns that liberals “want to take the old American status quo circa 1965, which was often egregiously cruel to homosexual Americans, and impose the same upon faithful Christians. This isn’t reform, it’s payback. It’s revenge, served not quite cold.”
  • Barbwire claims that Robert Mueller knew that Trump had been exonerated by his investigation, so he called his press conference “for the sole purpose of re-igniting the flames of impeachment.”
  • Finally, David Kupelian asserts that “America is, hands down, the least racist nation on the face of the earth. That is literally true.”