Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Dangerous to America

  • The Family Research Council prays against the For The People Act and the Equality Act: “God, have mercy! May Christians everywhere pray and fast until these two bills — HR 1 and HR 5, have been voted upon and soundly defeated! May we pray that enough of our senators from both parties, will understand the seriousness of these measures, vote ‘No’ on each, and defeat them both. Pray that Christians will take action to connect with their leaders, friends, and neighbors and do their part to see that these bills are defeated. May God-fearing senators filibuster and prevail! “
  • Robin Bullock claims that God spoke to him Monday morning to warn that President Joe Biden “has become dangerous to America.”
  • Mike Lindell is now advertising on Gordon Kiingenschmitt’s “Pray In Jesus Name” program.
  • Texas state Sen. Bob Hall says that after the disastrous winter storm that left millions of Texans without power or water for days, “the absolute worst [mistake] that we could make would be to join in with the national grid. That would put us back underneath federal control. And the last thing we need is additional federal government messing with Texas.”
  • Contrary to Rick Joyner’s prophetic declaration that civil war is inevitable in the United States, “prophet” Jeff Jansen declares that civil war will not come to this country.
  • Finally, radical anti-Muslim activist John Guandolo says that the Muslim Uighurs in China represent “serious internal threat” and that instead of condemning China’s persecution of them, the question that should be asked is: “what it is the Uighurs are doing that has drawn such attention from the Chinese government?”