Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Cracking Skulls and Making Arrests

  • Kandiss Taylor fumes after former President Donald Trump was indicted yet again: “We have a literal witch-hunt going on in GA against innocent men and woman and the man we elected President … Vengeance is [the] Lord’s, and it will come.”
  • QAnon conspiracy theorist Dave Hayes is confident that, thanks to Q, Trump is in possession of “all electronic communications” that will conclusively prove election fraud and soon the military will “start cracking skulls and making arrests.”
  • Ali Alexander declares that “Trump will be remembered for 1000 years MINIMUM or until Jesus Christ comes back and saves us from ourselves and these retards.”
  • Charlie Kirk claims that “the entire book of Deuteronomy is a political book” that tells you “here’s how you set up the government, here’s how you should separate powers, you should have consent of the governed, you should have an independent judiciary.” No, it doesn’t.
  • Finally, we are starting to get the impression that Elijah Schaffer and his audience are racist.