Right Wing Bonus Tracks: China’s Revenge

  • Cliff Kincaid says that “one cannot dismiss the possibility that the rapidly-spreading coronavirus is China’s revenge on America for President Trump’s trade war.”
  • Chris McDonald is apparently the only one who remembers when former President Barack Obama allowed a thousand people to die and hundreds of thousands of people to get infected by the “Zilka virus.”
  • Cindy Jacobs proclaims that the coronavirus is “illegal” and has ordered it to “cease worldwide.”
  • Jerry Newcombe insists that it’s absurd to accuse Vice President Mike Pence of being anti-science because “Christians invented modern science.”
  • Hank Kunneman thinks that the tornadoes that struck Tennessee Monday night were a satanic attack to stop the state from passing anti-choice “heartbeat bill” legislation.
  • Finally, Steven Andrew has declared March to be “Repent of LGBT Sin Month.”