Cindy Jacobs: Asian Voters Are God’s ‘Hidden Weapon’ To Help Republicans Retain Control Of Congress In The Midterms

Last month, “respected prophet” Cindy Jacobs and her husband Mike were interviewed by Mina Holmes, who serves as director of Chinese outreach for POTUS Shield. During the discussion, Cindy declared that Asian voters are God’s “hidden weapon” to ensure that President Trump and the Republicans retain control of the government in the upcoming midterm elections.

“The 2016 election was a miracle and we need one in 2018,” Mike said. “If we do not retain the gains that were made in 2016, it will basically paralyze some of the things that God wants to see happen through this administration.”

“Ask the Chinese to pray for the U.S. midterm elections, please,” Cindy then said to Holmes. “There’s a reason God brought so many Asians to California. The Lord told us that it was like a hidden weapon, the Asians were like a hidden weapon that God wanted to use to turn the elections.”

“Asians were like the swing vote, the vote that would turn the tide of things,” she added. “God has brought many of you even to California or to the West Coast—coast-to-coast, the East Coast as well—but the Lord just wants to say that even those in every Chinatown and every place where there’s people amassing, that he wants you to rise up and vote for righteousness, to vote for pro-life, to vote for pro-family.”