Right Wing Bonus Tracks: By Any Means Necessary

  • Josh Bernstein urges President Donald Trump to use “any means necessary” to quash the George Floyd protests and warns that conservatives are “locked and loaded” in preparation for protests breaking out in red states.
  • Bryan Fischer encourages Trump to “send in the troops” because the protests have “gone on long enough in one city after another to make it clear that politicians and law enforcement officers just don’t have the stomach” to use adequate force to quash them.
  • Pat Robertson tells Trump that his response to the protests “isn’t cool.”
  • Jim Kouri declares that Floyd’s killing “had more to do with workplace violence than with racial bias.”
  • Paula White says that Trump understands “how important faith is to the nation” because he “is a man of great and deep faith.”
  • Finally, Eugene Delgaudio declares that June is “LMNOP Month … That’s Lifestyle of Mainstream Normal Ordinary People.”