Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Blue Plate Special

  • Rick Wiles insists that he has known for years that Democrats steal elections, ever since Barack Obama “had a guilty look on his face” when he won on election night in 2008.
  • On a related note, former Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck appeared on Wiles’ “TruNews” program Thursday night, where he leveled all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations about supposed voter fraud.
  • Terri Pearsons petitioned God to secure President Donald Trump’s reelection and “not allow the enemies of the church to gloat [and] to not let the enemies say, ‘We have defeated them.'”
  • Brenden Dilley is confident that “Joe Biden probably got 10 to 15 million fraudulent votes.”
  • Finally, Dutch Sheets reports on a prophetic dream that a friend of his had in which left-wing activists were spinning blue plates, until the plates were shot down by a spiritual sniper with prayer, at which point the plates turned red and shattered into the shapes of Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.