Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Bloodbath Avoided

  • God told Cindy Jacobs that if President Donald Trump didn’t assassinate Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, “it was going to be a bloodbath”: “Because of what the Lord showed me, I feel the president made the right decision to go in and make that strike. It was pre-emptive and saved many American lives.”
  • Stefan Molyneux is pleading for fans to send him money: “This slow, corrosive headwind of opposition, and lies, and financial hits, and so on—it’s taking its toll.”
  • Tony Perkins defends evangelical support for Trump on the grounds that no president in modern history has a better record: “Whether it’s the sanctity of human life or the promotion of religious freedom — here and around the world — or the appointment of judges bound to the Constitution, there’s absolutely no comparison. What this president has done in the last three years matters. So shouldn’t it be relevant to Christians as they vote?”
  • Liberty Hangout, the blog that gave us Kaitlin Bennett (aka “gun girl”), came out swinging for monarchy as preferable to democracy.
  • Finally, Chris McDonald, who routinely uses his nightly YouTube program to accuse everyone from Adam Schiff to Tom Hanks of being a pedophile, is very upset about those who use social media to baselessly slander people.