Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Beware of Smokey Bear

  • President Rush Limbaugh? “I’m not flat-out saying no. I’m gonna have to reassess it at some point. Before Trump … it would not have been possible.”
  • Peter LaBarbera vows to keep fighting after being suspended from Facebook once again: “We must never, ever, ever give in to this radical, anti-God LGBTQueer sex-and-gender revolution and its apologists. Their agenda harms children, and we cannot let them silence us. Hopefully reason and sanity will prevail over the growing ‘LGBTyranny’ that threatens our cherished freedoms as Americans.”
  • James Goll reports that he recently had a prophetic dream in which he was told that “guardian warrior angels must be released to protect both the southern and the northern borders of the United States of America from enemy infiltration.”
  • Timothy Buchanan hopes that “we are witnessing the last putrid gasps of the diabolical ideological monster we know as liberalism. If so, we can be assured that great and wonderful times lie just ahead.”
  • Finally, you have been warned that Smokey Bear is “part of a massive scale indoctrination to not only bring about mysticism and the New Age mindset into kids, but also to embed the idea of globalism as world citizens and goddess worship.”