Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Are We The Baddies?

  • Scott Lively says that by changing its name to Scouting America, the Boy Scouts have reached “that openly grooming stage after a decade of increasing degeneracy.”
  • Eugene Delgaudio claims that “shots were fired near Public Advocate’s CEO and staff during a live stream video announcement of a billboard campaign opposing transgender surgery on children and promoting the reality of just two genders.”
  • Christian nationalist pastor Jack Hibbs warns that the Biden administration is “actually insulting God” by withholding weapons shipments to Israel: “That is just poking the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob right in the eye.”
  • Valentina Gomez, who is running for secretary of state in Missouri, has unveiled a winning campaign slogan: “Don’t be weak and gay.”
  • Finally, Holocaust denier and Nazi fanboy Jon Miller complains that Adolf Hitler has been made to seem like “this obscene monster” because otherwise people would realize that the Nazis were the good guys.
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