Right Wing Bonus Tracks: That Is How Elections Work

  • Steve Bannon will be joining The Gateway Pundit for election night commentary just days after the site botched the roll-out of phony accusations against Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
  • Michele Bachmann has nothing but praise for Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, regardless of the reports that he may have orchestrated the brutal murder of a journalist who was a critic of his rule.
  • Mario Murillo issues a dire election warning to evangelical voters: “If you don’t use your rights to stop evildoers tomorrow, you will never get another chance. Because if they win, a shroud of darkness will descend on our beloved nation and snuff the lamp of justice.”
  • After a week’s suspension from Twitter, Laura Loomer is back online and vowing to file an FEC complaint against Twitter for her temporary ban.
  • Finally, E.W. Jackson doesn’t seem to understand how elections work, as he complains that Democrats are trying to use the midterms to “overthrow the expressed, legitimate will of the American people in the 2016 election.”