Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Another Prophetic Super Bowl

  • Scott Lively warns that “we conservatives are going to lose the transgender battle just like we lost the homosexual battle, and later on we’re going to lose the transhumanism battle after they’ve crushed us on transgenderism.”
  • One Million Moms is outraged by a Zillow ad that simply features two lesbians sitting on a couch.
  • Patrick Howley declares that “everything blacks hate about white people they are really just talking about Jews.”
  • John Guandolo foresees the U.S. eventually descending into civil war over vaccine mandates.
  • Finally, Johnny Enlow once again claims to have discovered prophetic significance in the results of the Super Bowl: “The game ended with a player named Donald sacking a player named Joe so that the fraudulent score didn’t matter. Hmm so interesting huh?”