Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Another Grift in the Wall

  • On today’s episode of his “WallBuilders Live” radio program, David Barton lamented that “if you keep saying [lies] over and over and over and over, and people keep hearing it, they just kind of accept that that’s fact.” That is an odd complaint to hear from Barton, since endlessly repeating lies is his stock in trade.
  • Jim Bakker claimed today that his network sold nearly 38,000 of the $45 Trump/Cyrus coins that he and Lance Wallnau peddled earlier this year.
  • Wayne Allyn Root has launched an effort to raise $1 billion to pay for President Trump’s border wall and those who donate $100 or more get “a unique and exclusive commemorative wall brick.”
  • Watch as Allan Parker of The Justice Foundation and Frank Amedia of POTUS Shield chant against legal abortion.
  • Finally, Andrew Bieszad warns that Trump “supports sodom, and unlike many of his other positions, he has held and built upon this position throughout his presidency.”