Frank Amedia Prays that God Will Remove Sen. Feinstein

Frank Amedia, the tsunami-stopping and ant-reviving pastor who founded POTUS Shield, appeared on Steve Strang’s podcast today, where he declared that Sen. Diane Feinstein is the “queen Jezebel bee” and prayed that she would be removed from office.

Amedia, who claims that God told him that He was going to use President Trump to remake the Supreme Court, has been leading round-the-clock prayer efforts on behalf of embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who is facing allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. Amedia asserted that the allegations against Kavanaugh should not be believed because they do not meet the biblical standard of proof.

“People willingly choose to be used of evil,” Amedia said. “And in this instance, Diane Feinstein has chosen to be used of evil. Now, why am I saying her name so much? Because she’s the new queen Jezebel bee and everybody is buzzing around her and she has made it her mandate to stop the revocation of abortion and there is not a greater curse on this land than that right now. So how do we pray? We pray that God would move her into a heart of repentance or God remove her.”

“We’re not wrong when we call for justice,” he insisted. “We have to do warfare in the sense that we’re not just going to roll over … We’re put here to be the face and voice of God right now.”

Amedia said that the church has been too silent in responding to the allegations against Kavanaugh and called on Christians to take a strong stand in defending him by relying on the word of God.

“If it’s not established in the witness of two or three, that is a false witness,” he said.