Right Wing Bonus Tracks: An Unbroken Signal

  • Frank Gaffney asserts that President Donald Trump was “entirely right” to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and, in fact, “he should be impeached if he didn’t do it.”
  • E.W. Jackson and Jerome Corsi rail against the Democrats for daring to impeach Trump: “Their Stalinist impeachment show trial demonstrated gross disrespect for our elections and the peaceful transition of power. This has been nothing less than an attempted coup d’etat, but these de facto communist revolutionaries will face the wrath of the American voter.”
  • Why do Trump supporters like Austin Miles keep insisting that Trump won 68 million votes in the 2016 election? He didn’t.
  • Stephen Strang warns that the Equality Act will reach “far beyond equality for alternative lifestyles that until recently were considered perverted.”
  • Cindy Jacobs says that Jim Bakker needs a new television studio so that prophets like her can send “an unbroken signal” directly from Heaven, down into Bakker’s satellites, and out around the world.
  • Finally, a new survey from Christian pollster George Barna finds that evangelicals have a very high opinion of themselves that is not shared by everyone else.