Right Wing Bonus Tracks: America May Not Survive, Again

  • End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles warns that the “deep state” is setting the stage to remove President Trump from office, which will “provoke a civil war.”
  • Christian nationalist right-wing activist David Lane says that “Satan and those who serve him therefore will go all out in order to gain power over America’s various cultural mountains of influence” and therefore “evangelicals must come to comprehend the scope and scale of what’s at stake in the Nov. 6, 2018, and November 3, 2020, elections.”
  • Religious Right activist Bradlee Dean sounds the alarm that “Muslims that are attempting to get into representative positions in your government.”
  • Islamophobic conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer is hanging out with presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway.
  • Finally, right-wing pastor Jim Garlow has written a new book in conjunction with Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton that warns that “we are at a crisic moment in America” and the nation may not survive. Of course, back in 2008, Garlow was frantically declaring that “America as we have known her will be forever gone” if Barack Obama was re-elected … and yet, miraculously, the nation still exists.