Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 10/25/16

  • Julio Severo proclaims that “neocon Hillary and her Catholic vice want to purge America from real Christian conservatives …The real Founding Fathers of America, including the first American president George Washington, were white, Protestant and conservative. They were not pro-abortion, pro-sodomy and neocon. They would never support neocon Hillary.”
  • Tony Perkins says that “as with Lincoln, we can pray that under a pro-life president the 58 million unborn Americans shall not have died in vain.”
  • A warning from David Lane: “The appropriate question is not ‘Can America survive a Hillary Clinton presidency?’ Rather, it is, ‘Can America survive a citizenry that elected lawless Barack Hussein Obama twice, and now a corrupt Hillary Clinton?’ If elected, Hillary guarantees to stack the Supreme Court and Federal Courts with godless leftists who will demolish and take America apart brick by brick. Our children and children’s children will pay the price for our sin of apathy and false piety. Our descendants will lose their First Amendment right to ‘freedom of speech,’ their Second Amendment right to ‘keep and bear arms’ and their religious liberty—that is, if they survive the ordeal.”
  • Matt Barber declares that “we deserve God’s wrath and judgment as a nation for allowing this abortion holocaust to occur on our watch. In my estimation, Mrs. Clinton is a bloodthirsty monster who enthusiastically supports this barbarity.”
  • Finally, it is a tragedy that the world was denied the joy of ever getting to see the “Trump Takeover” children’s cartoon.