Right Wing Bonus Tracks: America Is The Great Satan

  • Don Boys declares that “homosexuality has long been recognized by normal, decent people as a perversion of reality” and  fumes that “America has been bullied, badgered, and blackmailed into accepting the homosexual lifestyle as normal if not desirable–but it is a deathstyle.”
  • Frank Gaffney warns after recent terrorist attacks in Great Britain that “it’s way too early to suggest that this is what the opening engagements of a civil war look like, but that prospect can no longer be ignored.”
  • David Lane issues a call to arms: “Christians must decide to live in a pagan nation imposed by those with a godless worldview or bring revolt, revolution and repentance to a once-Christian nation established by America’s founders.”
  • MassResistance asserts that “the Left’s distorted psychological state can only stay intact if we are too fearful or intimidated to challenge it openly and break it down. But left alone, their hate and oppression will know no bounds.”
  • Finally, Scott Lively laments that America is rapidly becoming “the Great Satan”: “I love my country, and am deeply grieved that in the area of sexual morality we indeed seem almost to have become, as the Iranians love to chant, the ‘Great Satan’ of the world … This international ‘Deep State’ network is the actual ‘Great Satan.’ It’s agents in this country, from those many still hidden, to the Paul Ryans, Mitch McConnells and John McCains are united in a grand conspiracy – pretending to serve the people while serving only their globalist goals – intentionally failing to accomplish that to which they pay only lip service, while stabbing President Trump in the back at every turn.”