Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Add Another One to the Clinton Body Count

  • Sheila Zilinsky says that if President Trump had not been elected, she “would be in a FEMA camp right now.”
  • Erik Rush says that “if we wound up discovering that [MAGA Bomber] Cesar Sayoc was an unbalanced right-winger groomed for his role by leftist operatives, or simply a leftist operative himself, it should not be at all surprising given the boundless duplicity of the left and their aforementioned level of desperation.”
  • The fact that Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman may have orchestrated the brutal murder of a critical journalist did not seem to bother a group of Trump-loving evangelicals who traveled to meet with him.
  • Glenn Beck thinks that Trump is “the most gay-friendly president we’ve ever had. Ever. Ever!”
  • Finally, Chris McDonald has some thoughts on the death of Whitey Bulger: “Mob hit man, Whitey Bulger was killed right after being transferred to a West Virginia prison The reason for the transfer was for Whitey to testify in the corruption probe against then Robert Mueller’s FBI. I guess we can add this one unofficially to the Clinton body count.”