Anti-LGBTQ Pastor John Amanchukwu Is Launching ‘A National School Board Tour’

Last week, Right Wing Watch reported that right-wing pastor John Amanchukwu, who has built a reputation for himself and generated lots of media coverage by making appearances before North Carolina school boards to rant about the supposedly “perverted” books that are available in school libraries, was looking to take his show on the road.

After making an appearance before the school board in Temecula, California, Amanchukwu began soliciting recommendations from his supporters about where he should go next.

Last Thursday, Amanchukwu appeared on the Christian nationalist program “FlashPoint,” where he revealed that he had just “made an agreement with a major organization” to launch “a national school board tour.”

“I’m coming to the wokest and bluest and darkest cities in America,” Amanchukwu announced. “Look out for what’s getting ready to take place. We are bringing revival to every school district as possible. The hope of Christ will not be defeated.”

“I’m going to go to every school board that I can and share the true simple message of protecting our children, making sure that we rid our schools of these gender theory ideologies and critical race theory,” he pledged.

Amanchukwu’s eagerness to travel the country to promote his anti-gay bigotry puts him in the company of other far-right activists who are seeking to purge classrooms and libraries and who are harassing school board members who support welcoming school environments for all students.

Furthermore, the fact that Amanchukwu’s tour is apparently being bankrolled by “a major organization”—possibly Turning Point USA where he serves as an ambassador—amply demonstrates that Amanchukwu is not simply some outraged parent or concerned local citizen but rather a right-wing activist who is carrying out an orchestrated campaign to badger school boards all across this nation with his ideological message.

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